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donderdag 24 mei 2012

Dreaming of....a craft room

Our new house has a garage, a BIG garage. We need to buy at least 2 extra cars to fill up the space ;-)
Or.....we can make it into an extra room. I would love to turn this space into a playroom/craftroom.

I imagine something similar. Big table in the middle of the room, toys and kids stuff on one side and my soapmaking stuff on the other side.

For now it just dreaming of it and my new mantra is: one day, one day, one day...

First we will:
  • get a new kitchen
  • get new stairs ( Ouch, budgetwise)
  • get a new couch
  • need to finish the boy;s Pirate room
  • create a booknook in girl's room
  • get curtains for our own bedroom
  • etc etc etc
  • ....

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Soapsight: Gardener's Soap

I now have a big garden, which means I probably will need some good soap to get rid of all the dirt on my hands.

Surfing the net I found these great Gardener's Soaps

scented with Lemon
Scrubbing with Rosemary and Mint leaves with grounded oats as a bonus
Shredded loofah and apricot seed powder for scrubbing actionSuperiorBodyproducts

Want to make Gardener's soap yourself? Check out this great SoapQueen Tutorial

de oranjewinkel - tot 60% korting

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Skin Candy!

I love watching SoapQueen episodes on Youtube.

With this terrible weather we have in The Netherlands at the moment I could use some skin candy.
These Solid Sugar Soap Scrub would be perfect!

ooooh if only I could get to my soapmaking stuff. I have to be patient for two more weeks. Then the new attic and my craft room will be ready. Well ready... usable is the better word perhaps.

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Soapsight: Birds

I moved to a little village recently and we now have a big backyard! So ever since we lived here I am waking up to a lot of birds singing and chatting away.

Aren't these soaps the cutest?

Hopefully I will be done with unpacking soon, so I can start making soap again.

zondag 6 mei 2012

Moving on....or back ;-)

Alle zeep staat nog in dozen. Voorlopig geen zeepnieuws.
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