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maandag 4 april 2011

Onder druk - David Baldacci ( Saving Faith)

Yes, another Baldacci book finished!
This one was not as good as I hoped it would be. Too much political blabla and too little blood, killings and suspense ;-)
Some nice twist, but you can see them coming 100 pages before it happens.

Faith Lockhart, lobbyist and reluctant government witness, is caught in a mess of interagency rivalries and shadow governments. Circumstances compel her to join forces with Lee Adams, an everyman PI with the right mix of skills and motivation to help. The story travels from Washington to North Carolina's Outer Banks as Faith and Lee avoid being captured by the bad (good) guys and killed by the bad (bad) guys. Complicating matters is super lobbyist Danny Buchanan, Faith's boss and mentor, who is cutting his own deals while watching out for Faith. Will FBI agent Brooke Reynolds believe them? Do you?

I read this one in Dutch. After I finished I discovered I have this book twice and had already read the other version years ago. It didn't leave much of an impression I guess.

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