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dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Bramble Berry S.O.A.P search

Ever since I started making MP soaps I relied on the expertise of SoapQueen aka Anne-Marie Faiola
Her blog and video's are a continuous source of inspiration for me.
This video was what made me a soap-addict and I still haven't beat the addiction yet. Well there is no Soapy's Anonymous in my neighborhood ;-)

My favorite product is the baby onesie mold ( rompertje). You can get so creative with it and it always is a big hit with the receiver of the soap. (and the grandma's and usually the daddies as well)
Ok, not so creative on my part yet :-) , but still very adorable

I would love to be in the S.O.A.P panel because I have a European nose which probably will be amazed with all the scents of American Fall. Scents we don't have over here and my nose is dying to smell some amazing new scents.

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