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dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Dirty Laundry - Bath Cupcakes

Recently I discovered a very entertaining blog : Dirty Laundry.
Jeannee is supercreative and makes mini cupcake bath fizzies. Too cute.

I just had to order a few. Since I don't live anywhere near the States this must have been quit an adventure for the yummy goodies. But... they made it. Fairly quickly I might add. (Almost better service then the receiving of packages in the Netherlands itself)

Yes, cute delivery from the States! Open it, open it

oh no, 1 extra cute package to open before I see the cupcakes!

Cupcakes, relaxing sample and a sweet little note

They look and smell AMAZING!

aren't they the cutest?? off to bath!
I used the Morrocan Mint and it is really great. The cupcake is small, but it gave the whole bathtub a lovely aqua look, made the entire room smell o so nice and did some great fizzing in the first 10 minutes I was in the bathtub. When I finished my bath my body felt silky smooth. Yummy Yummy Yummy!

I will keep my Birthday Cupcake for a special occassion. The cupcakes have a reasonable price but since I'm overseas they cost me €6 a piece (including shipping costs) so I will order only for special treats to myself :-)

Watch out, Jeannee's blog is addicting

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  1. I'm glad you got the cupcake bath fizzies and you enjoyed them! Thanks for posting about it :)


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